video stuttering ubuntu Could please take a look at this report. Now, when the CPU is running at 100%, the mouse pointer won't stutter anymore. I have Googled and tried everything I could but this problem just won't go away. I´m using Google Chrome. That way it tried to load the webm video format first, and it had less stutters when I was testing it. Apart from that, there's nothing I want to do in XP that I cannot do in linux (ubuntu 7. But the frame rate is fine. Machine: Type: Laptop System: Hewlett-Packard product: HP 2000 Notebook PC v: 0888110003305910000620100 serial: <filter> Mobo: Hewlett-Packard model: 188B v: KBC Version 69. It provides you a TV like experience and consumes less CPU resources, because it does not use Flash Player. I’ve enabled hardware acceleration by following the instruction “To enable hardware accelerated video playback in VLC go to Tools -> Preferences -> Video and select OpenMax IL. I then noticed this was system wide stutter. Using the touchpad (haven't tried using a mouse with it at all), the mouse cursor sometimes stutters/freezes for a second then keeps going. How to activate 24hz 1080p on the amazon fire stick so that videos playback without In the menu the mouse moves fine but once your in the game the mouse will stutter and it becomes more noticably choppy when you move the mouse faster. Someone on an Ubuntu forum mentioned the alsa driver in a similar thread someone else posted. So the issue was: every 500ms or so, any graphic output would briefly freeze, be it a video playing, a page scrolling, or moving a window around. The video stutters and skip frames when playing 50fps videos (1080p or 4k) on youtube LENOVO X1 EXTREME with 4k monitor. Downloaded steam and installed While I was watching flash video every min or so my laptop would freeze and stutter. x with DisplayLink Manager DisplayLink Manager App for macOS Introduction, Installation & Scope Hi, Recently I've been having some problems playing back any sort of media. When I play the video there is no stuttering ,but when I move the mouse across the playing bar (just moving no clicking there happens image stuttering. g. Video Card: Driver: ATI Technologies Inc. The Ubuntu image comes pre-loaded with Firefox, Chromium, Transmission, Arduino IDE, Abiword, PacmanFM, XBMC and a few others programs. this happens with both local videos and streaming sites like youtube, twitch etc Bug Description Upon enabling extension on Ubuntu 20. Cheers, Nathan Here's a video of the test project on my system, Mageia 6 x86_64 (Linux), Nvidia GTX 670MX with recent proprietary drivers (390. 10: well, in Fusion 12, with 3D graphics acceleration enabled (with default settings and maximum shared memory), both have corrupted graphics, with various dynamic (also "flashing") distortions and false colours, mostly in the KDE menu, but also in the menu bar and desktop mods please move to proper departement _____ SCENARIO You have one 144hz monitor and one 60hz monitor (or just 2 different refresh rate monitors) You want to game on the 144hz monitor and watch streams/youtube/movies on the 60hz monitor TROUBLE Whenever you do this, you get horrible stutter on the gaming monitor TROUBLESHOOTING Whenever in Windows 10, or in Win7/8 with "Aero" and "Desktop I have also tried both using an ethrenet cable, and using the internet at my friend's house and the stutters were still there. Tried the following things to no avail: Chosen the high performance power plan. 04) When I play videos from youtube there are several lags and the video is stuttering sometime. Sound is OK in Karmic (flash video's no problem, CD's no problem). Rolled back from 2. All media players work well and give great audio and video. Since the files stutter along in totem video player also, I imported them to kino which converted them to a . 04. Note 1: vsync is fully supported by linux. 10 to the Raspberry Pi 4, completing the Ubuntu family line-up for Raspberry Pi. mov file extention. When using an iPad or iPhone on the same wireless network and AirPlay, no stuttering. For anyone suffering from stuttering, choppy video playback in Natty(using Unity3D), try this: Install "COMPIZCONFIG SETTINGS MANAGER" In CompizConfig Settings Manager, select "GENERAL", then Debian pulled in 375. 04 running mainline kernel 3. A video contains timestamps for each frame, that means it is a command to the No video transcoding is needed, but because Plex can't pass through AC3 audio properly to a TV (despite Plex claiming it will, Plex passing through to a receiver, and Kodi passing through to the TV [2013 Samsung which supports DD & DTS] fine) when auto refresh rate switching is engaged the dropped/stuttering frames occurs. I haven't noticed it when I am playing music through Windows Media Player. Yet, whenever I try to use Sky I’ve got a new RPi3 and a new install of Ubuntu Mate (16. Those experiences told me that installing Ubuntu was an uphill climb, and this one was no different. The video looks nice, but whenever any audio comes across, the audio is extremely laggy and choppy. If you want GoPro video to test with I can upload mine. I then tried a clean Ubuntu 16. At regular intervals the audio will freeze/skip for a second and make a loud grinding noise, then resume. Ubuntu Studio 20. For no reason I can find, my screen freezes for about . I've gone back to 15. Stuttering in the sense that videos are playing for maybe a second, a brief silent pause, skip to where the video would be playing after this pause and repeat the process. An anonymous reader writes: Tests were carried out at Phoronix of all Ubuntu Long-Term Support releases from the 6. 10 too, even Kubuntu, Xbuntu and sevarel other distros. In the nvidia control panel the refresh rate is correctly detected as 59. mp4 files. 1 seconds at roughly 1 second intervals, regularly. The software can also be used to reduce video file size, cut, crop, merge video footage, add subtitles to video, or adjust video parameters. No issue when playing 30fps 4k video on youtube. The stutter happened at 23:31:07 and you can see the peak in the image. I have noticed that similar files which exhibit this behavior seem to have at least one thing in common. When you say stutter, are you seeing random pauses, or tearing artefacts due to video sync? As to which NVIDIA driver is best, I would recommend the latest proprietary NVIDIA driver available for your card (found in Additional Drivers). S. But after a few hours of fiddling, nothing seemed to work. They display with smooth gradients on Ubuntu 16. 64 0. Now she has the exact same problem I had. Hardware: ASUS H97I-Plus Motherboard with Intel i5-4590T (Intel HD Graphic 4600 integrated) and 8 Gb DD3 1600 Mhz CL9 Dual Channel Kit. Fix: Ubuntu 20. 5. But if you’ve won the serial number lottery and you’re willing to risk your beloved console, [LOE TECH] also has a video detailing the process he used to get Ubuntu up and running. (Log attached stuttering continued to end of log. The weird part is, the original video, which is a lot bigger, plays fine. Specifically Mad Max makes it very noticeable (drops to ~15 fps every 2 - 3 seconds and never manages anything like 60+, it seems). However, if I use another program to separate the audio and video, import them into Lightworks separately and then pair the same video and audio together, the audio doesn't stutter. 14 and 10. I tried different players Mplayer, Banshee, vlc. I always was happy with it. Other videos using e-ac3 but without this “format profile” are working correctly for me. 04 this stuttering issue has cropped up. I'm using google chrome browser and tried playing firefox. Here is how to reduce the amount stutter and g I am trying to watch a 1280x720 h264 . com/watch?v=TGuVkz00QwA Easy tutorial on how to remove the video stuttering with a hidden Firefox setting. The video I am playing is 23. 9. , Firefox) and manually reconnect with your Try installing xorg vmware drivers on your Ubuntu guest Virtual Machine: # sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-vmware-hwe-18. I'm using an Intel i3 3225 based system as my dedicated mediabox for about 2,5 years. Normally it stays pretty much pegged at 60 FPS. If I try making them full-screen, they will begin stuttering, then freezing for longer and longer, and will eventually stop responding and lock up the machine to the point that nothing responds and the system must be power cycled. AMD Radeon HD 6620G When scrolling or typing in text fields, firefox will freeze up for a second (stutter). YouTube videos on chrome in ubuntu 18. youtube. Will I still get stuttering? What do I even hope for? Stuttering or no stuttering? I'll be back tomorrow. 04 and use the following settings vor your vm: Controller: VMSVGA (!) 3D Acceleration enabled Scale Factor: 100%. Setting the refresh rate to 59. Video reviewed via VLC - no stuttering displayed. Thank you. Videos of the first Ubuntu-based phone to be released in the UK show that the low-budget handset may struggle in terms Ever since being forced to use the new player, it constantly lags and stutters even on the lowest quality settings, to the extent that the audio will even slow down and stutter and the video will beco I have visited Auschwitz and I decided to test both my new SJ4000 camera and my video editing skills. Unfortunately, even playing a DVD I get stuttering on battery power. OpenShot appears to be stuttering, the issue has existed for a while. This solved stuttering, yet not to my full content. But the revelation of this day : xombrero , also a HTML5 browser starts Youtube 360p video playback instantly , no stuttering. Booting Shadow on the same Computer, creates the video overflow and stuttering. All input in unresponsive for a second then it will work fine for a few seconds and then it will stutter for a second again. Actual Behavior I use a GoPro Hero 4 Black. s. For instance, it takes around 30 seconds to play the Ubuntu startup drums. But, video playback (mp4 video) stutters and seems to stall every second or so, appears regular. a lagish interface but atleast the video is working fine The new version is a bug fix release that addresses several issues of the previous version of Firefox including a video stuttering issue on YouTube and a crash fix on Mac OS X devices running Firefox. Ubuntu does not share the same issues as Windows 7 is experiencing at all. 04 were stuttering but there was no stutter in windows on the same laptop. But now, Kodi is easy with Ubuntu 12. 5. 57, there performance is flawless and there are no slowdowns or stutter. scr back to l4t-ubuntu folder from switchroot/Ubuntu, and use old boot. here are the results of inxi -Fxz for both Mint 17 and Ububntu 14. Designed with multiple account system, Streams by WebSocket, and Save to WebM and MP4. This is the result: Sepia Original BTW, I tried to use Openshot to make this video. 04 LTS (64-bit, properietary AMD drivers, Radeon HD 5670). Part Looking at the segment files produced there is a huge difference in sizes leading me to believe that either the stock Ubuntu ffmpeg or VA-API are doing the wrong thing. Reduce the default grub load time: The grub gives you 10 seconds to change between dual boot OS or to go in Video Stutter on Ubuntu 12. The stuttering problem still happened! So I installed Ubuntu. Audio will stutter and skip constantly; video will pause for a moment and then catch up, repeatedly. 910) Git:20210202-0c9370c022. 10 install with 367. (Using Bluetooth headset, iMac 2013 27", GT755M GPU, Ubuntu 19. The Intel video drivers do help a bit; however, there is still stuttering when playing YouTube 4K videos. Crashing VLC? Here is a quick fix to play UDH videos on your Windows, Mac, Ubuntu Systems. The software fixes video files that do not play due to any corruption in VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player®, Media Player Classic, MX player, PotPlayer, KM player, Winamp, QuickTime®, Mplayer, iTunes®, Adobe Flash Player®, Real Player, etc. The app can play most video formats (albeit not as many as others on this list out of the box), has support for DVD/VCD, has support for subtitle files, and has a robust plugin library. P. All 4 players stutter sporadically throughout process. 10 install to a 32 Gb class 10 SanDisk SSD card. be/0pT4 Shinobi is the Open Source CCTV software written in Node. Got the same behaviour on 18. Mozilla released Firefox 64. g. LibVADPU is activate, and auto framerate to (so it's not a judder problem because video is displayed at 23. However, the VMs of Ubuntu and ParrotOS (I think it is based on Ubuntu) work fine and smoothly. Video card overheating. It should be able to play anything I throw at it, but I get frequent stutters using vlc 0. 0. 1, Ubuntu 15. However, I tried on a 60 Hz monitor with vsync (slight stutter every few seconds), on a 144 monitor with gsync (bad stutter almost all the time), without gsync (the same), the 144 monitor to fixed 60 Hz without gsync (same slight stutter as on the 60 Hz monitor). Hi-- Got a new Canon A580 camera and the sound it produces in videos cuts in and out--it sounds to me like a loose microphone cable causing crackles stuttering sound in avi Welcome to the most active Linux Forum on the web. 04). 9 is a bit leanier on CPU but also goes into the 80-90% CPU usage when playing a 360p video which stutters even when I let it pre-buffer. Keep reading, follow the below methods and instructions to fix VLC buffering problems efficiently. Same problem, extreme stuttering Posted September 7, 2019 By KFSys. The video playback after downloading, decrypt, QS Fix, Ad Detect, captions, and encoding with ff_h264_high_rate profile is stuttering. Zhe numbers: Stuttering video: 1920*1080 Bitrate: 2669kbps Frames: 25fps Works fine: 1920*1080 Bitrate: 19492kbps Frames: 29fps Is there any way that I can check on what's the bottleneck or why it does what it does? Lastly, there is stuttering using Firefox or Chrome when playing 4K video on YouTube. I don't notice a stutter in 3D games though. mkv file on my computer. Software: Ubuntu Gnome 14. So I thought maybe it's because I'm wireless today (I normally use this for work hooked to Just recently direct play playback appears jumpy or stuttering when played on the Roku 4K Ultra. However, I think you can ignore most of it and just see what happens in the video. I'm experiencing some heavy stuttering in 1080p video decoding on a machine with hardware that should be fast enough to play 4k videos smoothly. ” The video still appears to stutter and falls behind the audio stream. I typically use VLC or Miro players, but ANY player does the same thing: video and audio skips 0. No stuttering whatsoever. 04 only to see the same stutters like on 16. 04, Xorg, Intel, Both in Totem and MPV. It's very annoying and it's forcing me to do everything in VLC, which works fine. There appears to be no stutter in the videos but the play / pause does take a few seconds to display after the video starts - but this is probably about two seconds. , Weird Al’s Tattoo). There are multiple ways to determine the temperature of a video card and if it's overheating it can cause videos to stutter. Hi @CoolNerdTV,. Going to check into that. I am using the pi 4 for emulation and movies just fine, waiting for the pi 4 steamlink app to get better. New 2017-03-05: Trying Ubuntu 16. 12. As for boot issue, if you remove the nvdec line from boot. 5. – gorlum0 Sep 2 '12 at 11:33 KWin-lowlatency is my attempt to reduce latency and stuttering in the popular KWin compositor used in KDE. I had this issue and I actually fixed it by putting the webm source before the mp4 source. Turning off direct play and direct stream solves the issue. Did Plex update? Is a reinstall worth trying? Video: Some minor updates/fixes to the VC4 GPU driver; Fixes for some video modes - this might or might not fix your display issues on non-1080p displays and some 1080p displays – Known limitations: – Wi-Fi is not supported. When compared to the steam link hardware, the pi4 stutters too much for me. 10 and 20. 04 stuttering animations & video. 04 *** New version: https://www. Just Installed Ubuntu 10. 5. I did not have that with ubuntu 18. 04 on an old PC with a old nvidia video card or with an ultrabook with a standard 2D video card. Update: I installed Windows 10 and the latest version of Kodi and the 8-bit h264 video is stuttering as before. Streamed 4K60 at 45 Mbps. The stutter appears mostly in Skyrim, even at low settings) If you notice stuttering, tearing, dropped frames or system slowdowns when watching online video in Google Chrome it’s probably because of software decoding/no hardware acceleration. When I load a clip, the video stutters and the audio is distorted. How to Install Yaru MATE Theme on Ubuntu MATE 20. Other things I've tried: - Update drivers through lenovo vantage, download windows actualizations - Update GPU drivers manually - downlod HEVC video codec from microsoft store - factory reset function in win10 And there is also one problem which happen beside Ubuntu mate on Linux Mint 17. run FurMark stress test, or even play video in a player that uses GPU for decoding / rendering, then GPU and GPU memory clocks rise (from 214 MHz to 1183 MHz and from 300 MHz to 1750 MHz respectively), PCIe bus interface also speeds up from x8 1. I'm a beginner in the use of Ubuntu, I have managed to work with it using the tutorials in the community when I need to do or install something from terminal. So when I create my split video it plays fine on other video players, like VLC, but stutters when initially playing on Windows Media Player and even shows a blank screen for a moment and then after about 5 seconds, the video will play normally. Vmware : soundcard : autodetect. Sometimes it actually stutters multiple times in one swipe on the touchpad but other times i The sound produced by any sound application in Windows is "stuttering" and distorted and quite unusable. I did not manage to reproduce the stuttering when playing the provided video. When going to youtube, everything works nicely until you start trying to play a video, then it becomes extremely choppy and the video keeps freezing and unfreezing. Step 1 from this official ubuntu help page did the trick. Google for my videos on Youtube. JS. I prefer the "alternative" Ubuntu install CD, which has a good old-fangled text-mode installer (installs the same system but without the eye candy while it does it and with more options). I also encountered Freesound. Installed my an old GTX 1050ti. So I guess there is something wrong with the video. Media with subtitles (pretty much all ASS) will stop and stutter every second and is entirely unwatchable. 2. 5. Edit: When I say stuttering, it’s not buffering. Off to locate a custom ffmpeg to test. Tags: 20. One of the common technical problems you might often experience is VLC MKV playback issue: VLC stuttering or jumping when playing 1080p mkv; the audio(of MKV files) won't work at My problem is Netflix stutters with video more often than I like and is very noticeable. @vanvugt, the video stutter is because of the indicator-multiload or this is because the server side of the indicator-multiload is running inside the compositor thread? Unable to fix VLC media player 4K / 8K HDR video playback issues causing stuttering, choppy playback or laggy. Same problem) My problem is I can't watch movies. As of 3/15/2017 there is an issue with the RGB Fusion system that causes audio stuttering, mouse pointer l Having an issue with my new XPS 9370. 04. I spoke too soon. 5 and USB, fine over HDMI and in Ubuntu Solved - Windows 10 Forums I should add there's probably no-one truly expert in diagnosing this problem here. , Ubuntu) How can I eliminate graphics stuttering in a Linux guest? For example, moving a window around in Ubuntu, the animation is smooth for a maybe 500-800ms, and then the animation stutters, repeat. S. , run the following command to enable snap package repositories: sudo apt install snapd. 25. 04 = [H] KDE Neon = [H] My post in Ask Fedora. I've just done a clean install of yavdr64 0. I thought it was just an issue with the preview, but when I watched the video after exporting it, the video was corrupted. Both are . 34 date: 05/22/2013 Battery: ID-1: BAT0 charge: 0% condition: N/A model: Hewlett-Packard Primary status: Unknown CPU: Topology: Dual Core model: AMD E-300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics Also, i tried using my old ubuntu 7. 04, while it is a new version, it is a long time distro. Activating Parsec, to stream to the parsec app from shadow to the parsec app on client (linux pc), doesnt stutter. 976). don't pay attention to this message. Stream 3 & 4 almost immediately display the stuttering, 1 & 2 followed closely behind. Ever since I have upgraded to 18. WMP, VLC) is stuttering. 04 LTS. 13, 10. Using these tools video editing and 2D animation is very well possible on an open-source platform. Everything runs smoothly with Windows 10, or with Ubuntu 20. Let me know if you experience stutter. You can try both 16. I also get a little bit of stutter in Windows Media Player when I play video files from my HDD, although it might always have been there. 4 GHz)) 4GB mem; Ubuntu Karmic. 04 specific VLC Player is a widely used player and encoder that supports many video and audio formats. Also Steam (gaming plattform) STREAM, doesnt stutter. Stutter happens at all playback resolutions, from draft to highest quality. Video Card: Driver: ATI Technologies Inc. If I view the clips in an external player (Quicktime, VLC, DivX) playback is fine. If you ask me, I installed Kodi on my Linux and installed PlayOn (one of the best Kodi addons) and then was all good to enjoy XMBC Netflix Linux! 6 – Netflix app for Linux: Chromium although on Chrome the [email protected] video sometimes dropped frames which caused the occasional stutter. I installed Ubuntu and it currently sits on a different partition. Note: This fixed my problem with VLC player and is not a guaranteed fix for your problems in VLC or in life. Here is how to fix it : Open VLC player and go to Tools > Preferences. Well, due to the absence of Silverlight from the Ubuntu Linux Operating Systems. Also experienced stuttering audio on playback of both video and audio files. There could be a problem with one of the components Zoom uses to play the video (eg the video decoder or video renderer), there could be an issue with your system (eg if you have an older system and are trying to play a high bitrate video file), display issue (the framerate at This video lagging or stuttering can be due to various reasons starting from the outdated media player or graphic cards, improper settings on the VLC player, Windows 10 hardware, or software issue to corrupt videos. 1 to x8 3. Support x86/x64 from inside the itunes fixed the buffering problem and stuttering but a bug apeared by slowing down selecting thumbnails and other things inside the. The issue. Moonlight qt does, which is why it works. 0. Logged out the second account, no stuttering. 8. Whenever I have a display with a refreshrate of more than 60Hz connected, i get periodic stutters (pretty much every second). Ubuntu packages Common packages # mediainfo sudo apt-get install mediainfo Ubuntu >= 16. Since we all have to attend online meetings these days, I have worked on my setup too, which consists on two main things: DroidCam , to make my phone into a webcam, and Some videos provite stutter like frame drops but the frame drop counter doesn't change (seen with the o key). 93 (lowest possible in the drop down) resolved the issue to some extent. 04. I have just installed Ubuntu 20. Improvements so far: YouTube videos don't stutter much in Chrome now (but still do in Firefox). 1-2: audio output working correctly, stuttering still present. 59). Stuttering can be quite easy, or quite difficult, to track down, as there are potentially a myriad of causes for it. 7. Hardware used to be fast enough. It looks like the signal has dropped for a few seconds. It’s also notoriously finicky. Lenovo X1 Extreme Lagging and stuttering while playing games and watching videos. Has anyone experienced the same? 16 gigs of RAM and the I7 7700 HQ should be enough for video streaming - at least that´s what I thought lol. That might be why I am seeing stuttering on that content. I was experiencing some Youtube video stuttering while using Firefox but that turns out to be a google problem and the work around was to use the [ubuntu] Some kind of video stuttering or mirco-freezing? Watching videos, flash or otherwise would suffer from frequent skipping (or stuttering) of both the audio and video. I've tested this report on Ubuntu 18. Any ideas on how to fix this? Since then the audio of videos I play (in every player. 976 Hz. ) VLC 1080p videos in the regular player work fine. Was some sort of conflict with alsa. I have tried to switch my mouse to see if it's a mouse problem, but its doesn't appear to be. 5. The Core i7 CPU seems to be processing the 4K video fine but I believe new or updated software drivers are needed when Ubuntu 20. So the virtual environment can be as much a cause for stutters and lags as being on a low spec machine by itself. Basically, what you experience is frozen frames or skipped action and then it will resume for a period and begin again. stuttering video hey guys i recently switched to ubuntu from windows. The audio also stutters with it. 04. [SOLVED] Video stuttering in Peppermint Six: rms9: Linux - Software: 2: 08-13-2015 04:31 AM: Stuttering video playback in vlc and mplayer Laxman_prodigy: Slackware: 4: 04-07-2013 06:34 PM: Video problems, stuttering: john_h_k: Linux - Laptop and Netbook: 4: 10-31-2011 04:11 PM: Bad, Bad, BAD! (Firefox is basically ditching html5 video No "mega stuttering" like I get in online games. 5. Could anybody help me? I use openshot on ubuntu 18. So only Nvidia + Unity + Ubuntu 16. For more info This is a past stream; not an uploaded video. In the past, I have dual-booted a Windows laptop to use Ubuntu as the second boot. 04 brings GNOME Shell 3. It works with mpv, internet speed is good. Both streams can be side by side, shadow stutters, parsec doesnt. You can try to create a xorg configuration file as per this section of this page - Link And also add the video tearing option to it as per this section - Link I've recently loaded Kdenlive on my laptop, which is using Ubuntu 9. 10 and 20. If you have troubles with no sound or sound stuttering badly in menu or game, check your CPU usage via top or htop. On linux it drops more frames compared to windows 10, both using h264 videos since vp9 videos are even worse. My computer is an Intel 2. 14. The issue occurs with distros like Fedora, Kali, and Manjaro. 04's xorg. Both Firefox and Chrome could not play [email protected] video as the result was unwatchable: I experience occasional stuttering of varying severity in my implementation of streaming video over network. 10 is now based on KDE Plasma, exactly as Kubuntu 20. So, I went on, yet now I'm unsure which step actually solved it: I did a CMOS reset with no cards nor drives attached, cleanly reinstalled everything, now switched to Ubuntu xenial 16. No problems with in game FPS, no lag or anything. Still, the videos are not as fluid as on windows but a huge improvement from before. 04 desktop. Hello everyone, i've made some basic mappings to use the joycons as a mouse on L4T Ubuntu 3. This happens mostly when I am playing YouTube videos. 8. 04. The only thing that seems to have worked better was when I installed Ubuntu and tried to run Albion, it had lower FPS but it didn't cause any stutter at all. I kinda had a poor man's WH as I would know when someone was near because the game would stutter really bad. Now that you know how to configure ZRAM in Ubuntu, if you are looking to build a more powerful PC, here are the things to take note of when building a PC for [Linux / Windows / Mac OSX] Firefox backs up your tabs every 10 seconds and this can cause videos to stutter or Firefox to become unresponsive. Like any distro, it's going to react to the environment that it is in. It was recently bought (maybe a few months ago). In contrast playing videos on Ubuntu was a similar story to other Intel processor-based mini PCs. scr, it disables the decoder. Kodi is selecting a 59. Edit2: I installed Windows 10 with the latest version of Kodi and the 8-bit h264 video is stuttering as before. So I guess there is something wrong with the video. 8ghz, 1gb ddr2 ram, 750GB seagate sata hard drive, nvidia 7300 LT pci express video card. Very annoying. 10 and 12. I tried different movies format avi, mkv and more. Ubuntu 12. I had been running 15. 0. 04. To install xorg joystick: sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-joystick. in, etc. Dell Mini 1010 Video Playback Stuttering I've got 2 Dell Minis one with the Atom 1. ) All 4 inputs set with an active video stream. me, gorillavid. A few things that I found interesting. exiting the extension seems to resolve the issue. Like other software, VLC users may experience various technical problems. My main thing is that video stutters so much. 11 to see if stutters are QEMU-related or not. When playing any game or watching any video (on hard drive, dvd or streaming) or playing any game (2d simple, 3d intensive) my computer gets lag spikes and stutters, the sound kind of freezes every time it pauses. I can run 50+ tabs in Chrome on Ubuntu and get clean playback, even with YouTube No it stutters during playback. Normal usage, moving windows around etc, is tear-free and seems smooth. 17 serial: <filter> UEFI: Insyde v: F. Since last year more and more Blu-Rays arrived in my hosehold and I experienced sometimes some stutter or short stops watching my ripped blu-ray movies. Since upgrading to VirtualBox 3. 2 LTS (64 bit) Kernel Name: Linux Kernel Version: 3. I am running Ubuntu on my Mac,,bare metal . However, my machine is running on Intel Graphics HD 630. But i've noticed that the current FPS down to 21fps instead of beeing constant to 23. pause occasionally. 6Ghz N270 processor (10v) and the other with the Atom 1. 0, audio and video playback have become unusable with mplayer. 264 videos from a shared network drive over WiFi at bitrates up to 250 mbps (H. Got rid of stuttering with scaling_min_freq 1800000 NVIDIA GeForce 8200 Motherboard ASUS M3N78-VM: 512MB (Shared) 304. I updated her video drivers, because she had problems with a game she was playing. It sounds ok for one or two seconds and then it stops and continues constantly. Ubuntu was installed after I noticed the problem. This is the most apparent with either very dark or very light colours. I can ping the server at 32ms. Basically looks like dropped frames and bad frame timing. Sorry about the title, I don't know what to say. com this makes all video including Netflix unwatchable due to stutter (60 hz instead of the correct 59. The Mac Mini itself is also relatively powerful and has 8 GB of memory. 04, but as the photo illustrates 18. when i play videos they stutter after some seconds . my Yoga 720 stutters when streaming a video from Netflix for some time. 11. 04 guest running on Oracle VM If you feel it chugging or stuttering, you may have overdone it and need to dial down the values you chose. 0. Hardware acceleration allows your graphics card (or integrated GPU) to take on intensive tasks like video decoding. 0-23-generic X Server vendor: The X. Aug 10, 2018 - PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE IF, especially if this video helped. 0. I have installed the latest NVIDIA driver 455. 04 Goyo I can fork Unity 7 later today if you feel… The GNOME 40 Release Video is Seriously Slick [Video] I import an . I am sending the video to an external monitor (video projector. g. 04 DVB-S (Astra, tested w/ EinsfestivalHD) Mythcenter-wide Mythcenter-wide Xfce 1920x1080 No for >720p Athlon 64 X2 2100+ 8-30% VDPAU works with <720p, but not for SD or HD: audio & video stuttering. On the bright side, the 10-bit h265 video is playing perfectly! So I call it a success. 10 is a smooth combination. I'm using gnome but on other DE's it's basically the same. Video and UI are rather slow on TPi 4 using a clean compile of 19. I tried a new location without having recently used the old location (see above). Impossible, it is waaay to heavy and suffers from severe stuttering. chrisonmint wrote:I'm running LM 17. 264), but playback started to stutter when I switched to HEVC videos. I am using a Mac Mini with the newest macOS. If i moved my moue in cicrles it would. I have an external 4k monitor as well. Monitor is 60Hz and Mozilla Firefox plays these videos smoothly. Try Ubuntu live booted from USB or DVD (to get a system, that is not affected by something that you have installed/modified in your installed system). System: AMD Phenom II (4-core, 2. 1. About every 5-10 seconds, the video pixelates severely, loses about 2-3 seconds and then catches up with itself. mp4 and ogv files both had stutters in Firefox and it drove me nuts, so I was amazed when webm files seemed to work as intended. https://youtu. The stuttering kicks in after maybe 30 minutes and gets slowly worse from there on. It is most apparent in the end credits of the bunny video when the text is scrolling up. High DPC latency causing audio stutters - Windows 10 Forums Apparently resolved: Crackling audio over 3. Ok, this was driving me nuts, but I’m glad I finally figured it out thanks to this. To fix lagging/stuttering video, try this: Disable "Use hardware acceleration" Browse in "Incognito Mode" The stuttering is during video playback of files on the HD. 0. To answer your second question, in both Windows and OpenELEC, I get the stuttering/pausing to buffer/slow seeking issues with video files that are added via an NFS source through Kodi's GUI. 0. ) Any suggestions? Note: doesn't do it every time and not always at the same place in the video, so don't feel its bad files. If I'm watching a video or playing a game Oddly, the stutter is worse when mousing over menus and what not. Thanks to all involved. The issue is that I am getting screen stuttering/lagging on some distributions when I run them as VMs using virt-manager. At first, audio seems to be working just fine. They chop/stutter like crazy. It starts after a while and becomes more frequent as the playback gets longer. The audio would be fine but the video would stutter or lag with pauses. 0. Plex stutters with all devices, local and remote. If pulseaudio is using more than 20% then it may be the culprit. 0 Kudos In Videos->Player, Adjust Display RefreshRate off, synch playback to display is off, Render method changed to DXVA from Auto: This made a significant difference, but again, there's still some stutted with this set and graphics buffers set to 2. The environment runs smooth, but when I move the camera it's stuttering big time. The sound is always ok (passthrough). The audio is about 95% loud hiss and 5% Hi all I'm running Opera 53. We’re delighted to bring Ubuntu Desktop 20. I started getting massive stutter in all videos in web browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera. 1 LTS, still using Linux 4. The Problem is following: When I use Nvidia drivers everything fine with Nouveau. 4. 04 stutter ubuntu video Edit Tag help Youtube videos stutter and aren't smooth in general, even if they don't drop any frames. org which seems to have a very large database of creative-commons licensed sounds. For example, if you're using Internet Explorer, try watching a video in Firefox. It looks as if the text is vibrating up and down a few millimeters. Im not sure how to fix this. Even though Ubuntu is running in a virtual machine, it is still sharing resources with the host. 2). 04 The release of Ubuntu 20. 04 (unity), as soon as have firefox or a videoplayer open the whole desktop stutters, it's not a freezing it's just not fluid anymore. 5. Im new to Linux. My problem is Every time a watch a video (youtube, facebook, other websites) it plays mostly OK, but at times the image (not the audio) freezes for about 1 sec Hi Sandeep, It's an Ubuntu server, 1GB Ram, 2xCPU. Minitube is a YouTube Desktop client to play your YouTube videos in your desktop/laptop without having to create a YouTube account. net/~vanvugt/+archive/compiz It also randomly stutters for 2-5 seconds while playing, every few minutes. Then I ppa:vanvugt/compizhttps://launchpad. 36 and improved performance in some areas. yes, I'm the next one with video stutter. After the restart, I found a particular problem with the interface (see figure attached). 39 on testing recently and I noticed most of my games now have strong FPS fluctuations and there is stutter. If you encounter any issues, try an older driver. But the image, no matter if it's a video or some 3D animation, if I use hardware video acceleration or not, there is a constant juddery micro stutter going on as if the frame rate drops every 2-3 seconds. It's not like some big, crazy stuttering but it is definitely there. Check out Video will be lagging and stuttering in GC if you've got many GC plugins, use hardware acceleration option (nowadays this option still has many bugs), got outdated graphics card drivers, etc. 0 (according to GPU-Z) and the lag Ubuntu under Parallels Ubuntu 6. I'm trying to make a nice little video compilation but when I add the videos to the timeline and preview, its just a black screen. ElementaryOS) - Qt5Concurrent, Qt5Svg, Qt5Qml packages are probably not installed by default sudo apt-get install libqt5concurrent5 libqt5svg5 libqt5qml5 Ubuntu <= 18. 04 x64 and Windows 10 x64 using the latest Nightly and Fx release build. And when your laptop, phone, or other device is macOS 10. So now your system support Snap packages. Where I’m running into trouble is when I try to play certain YouTube videos (eg. ) The stutter appears in any game I play, even games that don't require any GPU or CPU. If that’s you then you will also notice a larger set of performance The stuttering is every 5-7/10ths of a second or so. Somewhere within each one, the video gets behind the audio and the audio stutters. dv format. So what changed? Same version of Ubuntu on a recent vintage machine. I tried playing the same video that I had watched the other day that played fine and it now stutters. ubuntu. Any suggestions? Will "hacked" video card drivers solve this or is this a BIOS only fix? Thanks! P. If the issue persists after trying the suggestions above, check your video card to see if it's overheating. This is a result of your Firefox Buffer which is pre-set in Firefox. AMD Radeon HD 6620G I get slight stuttering with the Full HD (1920x1080) 60 fps4. 04. 04+ and others (e. 0-RC1 (18. g. Video stutters for me but the audio seems fine. Hey, hell temps raiser NB is really close to back usb ports, heat was doubtlessly throttling their I/O. 2 Please test with PulseAudio disabled (pulseaudio -k) and see if video still stutters. I haven't noticed it when I stream or play videos online (flash or WMP). Example video info of which the issue occurs. WinX Video Converter is a great tool to convert any 4K/HD videos to Windows 10 compatible formats for free. is KWin-lowlatency reaching its final days? in the beginning of 2021, a massive change set has been merged to KWin which pretty much defeats the point of this project. Hardware is in signature and monitor is NEC PA241w. I currently have BIOS 1. 04 LTS. This is happening with pretty much 1080p x265 content with ASS subtitles. 04 LTS or later versions. 2 LTS (64 bit) Kernel Name: Linux Kernel Version: 3. Ubuntu 19. While stuttering, the Steam overlay shows my FPS drop to the single digits. 2907. 04, I ran into an issue (or possibly a feature) causing the active audio input / output devices to revert to a device of the system’s choosing after a power cycle. Internet speed is not an issue here. 4 for an o. Here are my logs. 04 I plugged it on a front usb port, really close to my mouse. Fix Audio/video Stutter Delay in VLC Player: This is in response to the instructable by joejoerowley's How to Rip, Organize and Burn DVDs . (Tried 11. The only change has been the update from 12. 04, i7 6700, gtx 1660s, recently set to UEFI, 2-3 monitors (2 and a tv across the room for videos), proprietary nvidia driver. Have you ever felt like your PC still has input lag? Especially after installing all of the late For the time being, the solution seems to be either (a) to watch videos and other webpages that use Flash, do it in a browser session that is running inside your VM, not in a browser running in Ubuntu, or (b) after watching a video or otherwise using Flash in Ubuntu, kill the program that used it (e. 95 as before). Plex Server OS: Windows Server 2016 AND Linux Ubuntu 20 (I’ve tested and replicated on both) Plex Version: The last ~2+ years of releases (long as I’ve been using it). Killing and later restarting PA results in temporary resolution to the stuttering issue. 0 was not released for Android). Follow the given steps to fix video lag, stutter or glitches. 06 seems to work fairly well for me - but I am using a Mac Pro . Peak at 23:31:07 I hope someone knows whats happening and how to solve it. 264, and so on. Can’t play videos on VLC player smoothly? This article aims to introduce 4 useful and efficient methods to solve VLC lagging issues. 0 released today works better, however, I was experiencing stutters before updating to BIOS 1. The game running is Albion Online, which is not the most optimized game ever, but the same occurs on League of Legends. 0-beta on my ATSC enabled box (basic cable, am in the USA) and am getting intermittent video stuttering. With my old GTX 770 on 16. 0, but the constant ~0. 04 specific # Ubuntu 16. My Raspberry Pi suddenly started becoming slow and unresponsive within the last couple of days and video playback (both from my hard drive and streaming through apps) stutters. How can I fix that please ? Googling screen stuttering ubuntu did not help so far. I have used these tweaks with an older version of Ubuntu but I believe that the same can be used in other Ubuntu versions as well as other Linux distributions which are based on Ubuntu such as Linux Mint, Elementary OS Luna etc. 04 any type of video player (web/local media) encounters heavy stutters. No stutters in audio. It’s simply just ‘skipping’ a bunch of frames / seconds of the video. 2 Big Buck Bunny video. 3 Cinnamon on a DELL with Intel graphics. This includes the built-in Raspberry Pi 3 Wi-Fi which currently cannot be probed. com, arkvid, vidto. Ryzen 1800X in Gigabyte AX370-Gaming 5 Motherboard. Ubuntu 18. I do not have this issue under Windows 10 pro. Stopped preview. In my testing locked up during playing of Vimeo video at 720p and higher resolution. If you have issues with boot, in 3. When I go back and watch the recordings the video shows a frame every 2 minutes and changes to another one. 2 +fixes on Mythbuntu 12. But for other Linux distros based on Ubuntu like Elementary OS, Linux Mint, etc. Convert MKV to MP4, AVI to WMV, HEVC to H. Even if the video is 100% loaded. 04 (im new to ubuntu) and I just installed mpv it works great. 04 Focal Fossa. Video format is 1080p 60fps. This does not happen to such a great degree with other audio/video playback programs, but all exhibit the behaviour to a noticeable degree. Using ODROID-XU3 Lite as a Desktop Computer / Media Player. 0 since the previous mappings do not work with the new joycon driver. 15: Video functionality not enabled Clamshell and rotation support on macOS Big Sur 11. Previously I searched for a solution by searching for “video” stuttering, found some interesting articles that pointed to the nVidia graphics drivers. in December, and Firefox 64. I just got the new raspberry pi 3 and made an Ubuntu MATE 15. com Ubuntu 20. Same behavior in safe mode. 976. 36 as one of the most notable features, but many decided to stick with Unity due to a stuttering issue. 6Ghz Z530 processor (1010) The Later with the Z530 will not play back video contect without stuttering, this is my better spec laptop with the 10:1 HD Truelife screen and HDMI output. Normandin Hobby. Playing videos on youtube(any quality) results in a sluggish playback. 24fps videos are just not smooth. Org Foundation X Server release: 11103000. Some time ago, I made a post on Ask Fedora about the problem, there is a lot of information there. Suprisingly Ubuntu 14. S. 4. 04, along with Fedora, Arco Linux and possibly tons of other distributions. Both users logged in, stuttering video via AirPlay, OS X 10. No more system stuttering, a lot less FC4 stuttering. When launching any locally-stored videos, they play fine using either Totem of VLC as long as they are windowed. 04 has recently been released with GNOME 3. I7-7700k RTX Strix 2080ti I have been trying to troubleshoot this for a solid day now. 04 LTS, 14. Like a split second interuption and then faster playback to catch up. In my case, it was using 80%! I had only one sound card output (hdmi) so I completely removed pulseaudio with: sudo apt purge pulseaudio Ubuntu 16 (systemd) Boot to Videos show stuttering performance from the first Ubuntu phone on the market. The following took me a few weeks to research and test. 0-23-generic X Server vendor: The X. The stuttering gets very erratic and is not regular. After codec issues vlc also plays the DVD perfectly. I checked Chrome and that also works just fine. In the video below, we introduce Ubuntu Desktop for the Raspberry Pi, how to set it up and get cracking. I am playing 9 VOB files of about 3 minutes each. It transcodes the media when subtitles are on, but if I turn them off it returns to playing in original quality. I have the same issue with Chromium and Fireforx. I’ve done my initial setup and updated everything I’m routing video to a monitor via HDMI and sound via 3. The only… f you use Firefox, at times you may experience video stuttering while the sound is not affected. It got really bad when I tried to play online death match on dust2 and the game would stutter so much that it nearly became a slideshow when players were near me. 5 happily, and I gave in to the nagging of 15. Playback on a non-ultra Roku is fine as is Plex Chromecast. Any ideas as to why the video stutters when another program starts doing something on the system? Also, my system specs are: core 2 duo 1. When I play it through the HDMI, though, this is where things get bad. 10. 04. No stutter at all (on Openbox - on KWin the compositor messes things up and there's a very light stutter every 10 s or so). 04. FullHD 60fps videos work great, 30fps videos work great too but 24fps stutter a bit. I tried updating Video, Sound, Flash etc never fixed it. Ubuntu 12. The video is always stuttering in the same location using Cobra episode 1 as a test bed That tells me there is an issue with the crunchy roll player itself not the computers or the network. For some reason all 1080p video decides to stutter on vlc on my new ubuntu 16. 4, still using nvidia-367, everything is fine Do you experience lag and glitching while watching HD videos on VLC , this often occurs on low end computers . 1 is released. If I render out a clip to Quicktime, AVI, Windows Media, MPG2, MPG4 at HD resolution, or at least matching the camera clip as closest as I can, I can pull it back into Vegas and play it . Any help would be great. And if you ask me to share somethign explain to me what it is because I dont understand a lot of the terms. 10 = [A] Debian Buster = [H] Fedora 31 = [A] Ubuntu 18. Only the video stutters, the audio is fine. However, if I mount the share through the operating system (NFS or SMB), and then point Kodi to that, even the largest files play fluidly and seek instantly. 68 stable on a Ubuntu 18. I really will appreciate help with this problem. GNOME Shell Performance Improvements in Ubuntu 20. 04, Ubuntu 14. 5mm to a set of old speakers. 10 on Intel revealed that there is stutter, too. Happens quite a lot actually. And still kept having these annoying audio interruptions / stuttering. The files I am using are standard def files with a . 04 with VLC 2. As soon as I applied 15. The sound is fine. I've tested my application on an Iphone 7 and an Ipad 9. Changing the mouse input mode only makes matters worse. 04 seems to display the video with a smaller range of white colours. Setting the interval to a higher number will fix the problem (at least it did for me). Perfect! The setup is now complete. Micro Stuttering Fix in Windows 10 (AND WIN!!) / Hey guys. 5s interval stuttering looks like something more indepth. However, when I start to play music or video, the audio starts to stutter. The video was created with FCPX. 1) laptop. I am getting ready to dump MacOS. As most Ubuntu users tend to stick to LTS releases they mostly will be upgrading from 18. I experienced a similar problem with a 2012 MacBook Air with two users logged in. 2. 6, and it's still stuttering. May 6, 2018 After upgrading to Ubuntu 18. Hovering or moving the mouse over the video causes the YouTube 4K video to pause which is strange. 04. 3 seconds ahead because of a drop in audio, every 3-15 seconds. What will happen is when I play videos on YouTube, I will experience sight to moderate stuttering and choppiness, and occasionally, the video I am playing will freeze for several seconds before resuming. 1-1 to 2. Details, same film, ignore first few segment as the difference is also large but the video is mostly blank screen intro: s/w transcode: I am having a problem with Opera stuttering on my Windows 10 (formerly Windows 8. 1 Graphical Stutter in Linux Guest (E. Here is a clear and concise description of what was expected to happen: Both playing video from network or local storage are slow creating "OutputPicture - timeout waiting for buffer" messages in the log. You can watch 1080p HD videos without any stuttering. A few tips: 1. 7, both suffer from occasional stuttering but the Iphone 7 seems to stutter the most. 4 GHz dual core (E4600) with 2 gigs RAM and an nVidia 8800GT video card, running Windows XP. Maybe it will also give useful information. 94 Hz mode and doing 3:2 pulldown instead. Qupzilla 1. I'd prefer Firefox, but since I watch YouTube through mpv it doesn't matter. P. 04 LTS (Bionic Beaver), which will be a long Setting Default Audio Device in Ubuntu 18. Bluetooth technology is a ubiquitous part of our lives, and a crucial tool in the fight against cord clutter. zip Ubuntu 12. https://paste. scr. Ubuntu 20. So i'm dualbooting windows 10 with ubuntu 18. OS: Linux (Ubuntu 16 Googling linux youtube stutter brings up several similar problems across varied setups. My GF had the default drivers on her T500 installed - no problems at all. 5 Post by trduffer » Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:39 pm I have a very specific problem that I haven't been able to find a solution for. avi file and play it back, the audio stutters (even after export). I ran this test for about 3 minutes Log The only reason I want sound to work in the XP guest is so I can use skype with video it doesn't need to be high quality, just not stuttering / choppy. So, the audio issues definitely surfaced with QEMU 3. Mediainfo shows that they have format profile: blu-ray disc under the audio properties. My mappings are to be used with xorg. If, on the other hand, it’s flying, you can probably increase them some more. This is is a recent problem, never had to do this before. conf file just incase. Expected Behavior. This happens with music, streaming videos, games, pretty much everything. I have tried other possibilities but none worked better. Just updated to all the latest drivers system wide and it had not effect on the stuttering. 4GB available out of a 15GB partition. They do these throttles for about 1-2 seconds, making the game stutter, and then the throttling shuts off and the game runs smoothly for 1-2 seconds, then another 1-2 seconds of stuttering, etc. 04 "Xenial Xerus," looking at the long-term performance of (Ubuntu) Linux using a dual-socket AMD Opteron server. I've recently began using Ubuntu 20 as my daily driver, and as I started migrating everything from my Windows installation, I finally got to the audio and video department. Ubuntu GNOME 20. We encourage you to try it out and give your feedback so we can continue to improve 📈 Ubuntu, desktop, server and core, on the Raspberry Pi. This issue comes and goes for me. StutterTest_LinuxNvidia_OK. This evening I'll try rolling back on each revision of 2. 3 to 13. Here the results I've obtained by executing "glmark2" on an Ubuntu 18. In addition to performance bugs, there is also a new bug which breaks vsync as seen on vsynctester. This also affects Ubuntu 19. The following happens when I'm viewing DRM protected content (Netflix, Amazon Video), when there is no browser tab with netflix/amazon video open, there are no issues at all. It may happen that the video playback when using VLC player in Ubuntu may be choppy. Org Foundation X Server release: 11103000. If online videos on YouTube, DailyMotion, and online flash sites just randomly stutters, and sound skippy, sometimes by just restarting or shutting down your computer, and turning it on again can make Videos runs without stuttering after you restarted your computer. In this article we will describe the improvements that were contributed by Canonical. 04 from which Mint17 is derived also plays the youtube video perfectly. It was just not what I paid for. Minitube: A YouTube Desktop Application for Linux Try a Ubuntu Live DVD/USB and play a video through it just to see if things improve there. I still have to try that though. 2 and will test if the BIOS 1. I upgraded from a 5+ year old Inpiron 8200, and can't believe a new $4k+ laptop can't play a DVD where my 5 year old laptop doesn't have an issue. 1 for Android exclusively (Firefox 64. x LTS and 18. Shinobi can record IP Cameras and Local Cameras. 9. this is a known issue, and will be fixed eventually . Problem solved. 6f and the latest Communit New versions of Ubuntu install them automatically but if you are running Nvidia drivers and want to On the topic of stuttering, I write articles on Medium and produce videos on YouTube Meanwhile, you can test the video playback yourself and give Canonical the feedback it needs to improve hardware-accelerate video playback on Ubuntu 18. What was I doing at the time? Just walking, or doing other normal interactions. If it was my CPU throttling, I could help it with ThrottleStop, but my CPU is apparently so mighty that it doesn't break a sweat in neither Subnautica If you have the latest Ubuntu version installed, then installing VLC as a snap package will be easy and straightforward. frequency would be frame drops every 2-3 seconds. 1, move boot. Chrome does not stutter on the same websites. Generally speaking, Parole is one of the most full-featured, lightweight video players for Linux. 04 in it's very first version and old factory BIOS. 95 hz in 390 I found that I was able to stream 4K H. It happens on any streaming site (YouTube. 06 "Dapper Drake" release to 16. Log file attached Thanks I've also noticed that if I create some GPU load, e. 8, 8GB RAM, plenty of room on the SSD. O/S installed is Ubuntu 18. 7, this mouse issue started. If it does that points to either an OS or software issue, in which case you could either look at reinstalling OS X to see if it rectifies the situation, or consider switching to a Linux distro. 04 LTS (x86_64; GNOME) machine. Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to backup my system drive with Clonezilla (to be safe), get Ubuntu running on a USB drive, and test OBS on that. Oh, cripes. video stuttering ubuntu